Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Call for Paper

This conference invites the papers with the following topics:

Ø    Language acquisition and learning, Language education

Ø  Intercultural Education, Applied linguistics

Ø  Language teacher education


Ø  Language curriculum development

Ø  Language teaching methodology

Ø  Language testing and assessment

Ø  Language program evaluation

Ø  English for specific purposes

Ø  Independent / Autonomous Learning

Ø  Innovation in language teaching and learning

Ø  Arts Education

Ø  College and Higher Education

Ø  Curriculum and Instruction

Ø  Democracy Education

Ø  Developmental Psychology

Ø  Distance Education

Ø  Educational Planning

Ø  Educational Technology

Ø  Environmental Education

Ø  Foundations of Education

Ø  Geography Education

Ø  Guidance and Counseling

Ø  Health Education

Ø  History Education

Ø  Human Resources in Education

Ø  Human Rights Education

Ø  Innovationand Changing in Education

Ø  Instructional Design

Ø  Learner Needs in 21st Century

Ø  Learning Psychology

Ø  Life Long Learning

Ø  Mathematics Education

Ø  Measurement and Evaluation in Education

Ø  Mobile Learning, Multi-cultural Education

Ø  Music Education, New Learning Environments

Ø  Nursery Education, Pre-school Education

Ø  Primary School Education

Ø  Professional Development

Ø  Science Education

Ø  Secondary School Education

Ø  Social Sciences Teaching

Ø  Special Education

Ø  Sports and Physical Education

Ø  Teacher Training

Ø  Technology-Based Learning

Ø  The Role of Education in the GlobalizedWorld

Ø  Vocational Education

Ø  Other New Trends in Education Related Topics.

Ø  Foreign Language Teaching

Ø  Material Development in Language Teachingandeducation.

Ø  Motivation and Language Teaching

Ø  Language Teaching Research

Ø  Project-BasedEducation

Ø  Leadershipin Education

Ø  The importance ofbody languagein Education

Ø  Basicethicalvaluesin education(Environment, cleaning, andetc...)


Abstract Submission

Types of presentations

Participants are invited to submit abstracts of papers through the registration form in the registration link. All types of presentations will be in English.

Paper presentations on any of the themes listed above are invited. The paper presenters are kindly asked to restrict their presentations to 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for discussion led by the chair of the session, and Q&A as well. In each sitting, two speakers will make presentation so each sitting is of total duration of 40 minutes.

Selection Process

All those submitting proposals to the Conference Program Committee will be informed by email or letters for local participants whether
their proposals have been accepted. Keydates are as follows:

Deadline of abstracts submission: March 2, 2013 March 2, 2013
Notification of accepted abstracts: March 15, 2013

Criteria for Acceptance

All abstracts will be checked and reviewed by the Examining Board. Relevance to the themes of the conference and originality of approach
are key considerations in the acceptance of abstracts. The Board has the right to decline abstract proposals without assigning reasons.
Presenters of abstracts will receive acceptance letters by email or (manually for locals only), thereby facilitating sponsorship from employers.


Smart-board, overhead projectors, touchpad monitors with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010.

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